I don’t understand

I don’t think much about this door, not to mention the room itself, but then why does it keep coming to me in dreams? What or who is really behind?  What is that invisible thing that won’t let me alone?

I know this door well and what is behind.

It is some sort of small walk-in closet, so tiny that I don’t even know what was its actual purpose.  I want to think the architect didn’t know what to do with that odd little corner in my brother’s room and decided to create this small and very unusual room.  I use to spend several hours playing inside.  There were 3 or 4 shelves full of things that we didn’t need anymore, you name it, boxes with stuff we never used but never dared to dump (or perhaps we were just lazy to do so), old bed sheets, books, old broken toys, my dad’s tool box, and an enormous quantity of dust and the occasional long legged spider – completely harmless but such a big deal for a 7-year old city boy.

This tiny room was in what used to be my brother’s room, I had my own room (smaller and with no walk-in) in the other side of the floor. The dreams get worst, a simple door terrifies me.

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