That light under the door

light under door

It has happened a few times when in my dreams I open the door, the small room looks empty, harmless, yet something doesn’t feel right.  Reassuring myself everything is alright I close it.  I make sure the light is off and the door locked.  I walk away.

There is no one nearby, there is nothing inside and the light switch is outside; I know what I did, I know it is locked.  I know the light is off.  Then why… why do I always have to turn my head knowingly something has changed?  Why am I scared to look?  And why do I always have to catch a glimpse of light under the door?

I slowly go back and switch the light off while trying to convince myself that probably I didn’t check it well the first time, but now I got it right and the light is off, of course it is off… I just did it, and I just checked…. and checked again.

Of course it happens again, that light under the door is there, it just happened in a blink of an eye.  What am I supposed to do? Do I have to open the door and confront whatever wants my attention? Should I just ignore it and swiftly walk away hoping I will forget all about it?  I feel anxious.  I am scared.

By this time I would normally wake up.  I go to the toilet.  Maybe it is just mere coincidence and it is my body letting me know I have to go, not a very nice way to wake me up of course…  Unless there is something else; and I am afraid there is probably something else.

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